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  1. Electrolysis (permanent hair removal)
  2. Red Vein Removal (face only)
  3. Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (removal of skin blemishes)
  4. Dermal Roller Micro Needle Therapy (for healthier, younger looking skin)
  5. Genie Take Ten (anti-ageing facial muscle toning)
  6. Danne (acne facial treatment)
  7. Comodone and Milia removal (posh name for black and white head removal!)
  8. HD Brows (a revolutionary, natural, brow treatment to create true high definition)
  9. Nouveau Contour (permanent make-up treatments for brows, eyes and lips)
  10. Jane Iredale (offering advice on the use of this pure mineral, non-irritating make-up range with built in SPF 20 recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation)
  11. Inverness (a complete ear piercing system)

1. Electrolysis is still the only proven method of permanent hair removal

The Centre for Advanced Beauty is a registered Apilus Centre and we offer one of the most effective, permanent hair removal systems in the world.

For safety and comfort each client is required to undergo a free consultation ,before any treatment, to determine the exact nature of his or hers needs and wishes.

For further information please click here (opens a pdf file - if you experience difficulty opening this file you may need to download the FREE Adobe PDF Reader from here).

2. Red Vein (Telangiecstasis) Removal

Red veins or thread veins are really common on the cheeks, nose and some times the chin.

The main causes are sun damage and fragility of the skin which is normally an inherited condition.

The treatment involves cauterising the dilated capillaries. Again a free consultation is required to explain the process and to guide you through the aftercare which will be required. Some procedures may need a repeat treatment.

Please refer below for further information under Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.

3. Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Using electrolysis over 20 types of skin blemishes such as sun spots and skin tags can be easily, quickly and safely removed normally leading to blemish free smooth skin.

For further information please click here (opens a pdf file - if you experience difficulty opening this file you may need to download the FREE Adobe PDF Reader from here).

4. Dermal Roller

Micro needle therapy helps reduce the appearance of imperfections of the skin making skin smoother, healthier and younger looking. Our chosen method is Dermal Roller whose needles have the lowest nickel content on the market so incidents of allergies are as low as possible. It can be used on all skin types and sensitive areas and is much less invasive than laser treatment.

For further information please click here (opens a pdf file - if you experience difficulty opening this file you may need to download the FREE Adobe PDF Reader from here).

5. Genie Tech

The Genie Take Ten is a course of ten minute treatments to exercise your facial muscles, naturally. The course involves stimulating muscles using the revolutionary Baxendale Wave which regulates the waveform to a comfortable level which allows a longer muscle contraction resulting in a better result. With regular treatment the face looks fuller and healthier leading to a reduction of many lines and wrinkles.

This could be a course of quick lunchtime sessions.

6. Danne Acne Facial Treatments

Acne or acne type skins have always proved a challenge in the field of beauty. At The Centre for Advanced Beauty we use the Danne Montague-King skin revision programme which is simply, removal, rebuild, protect and maintain.

There is no better recommendation than the testimonials on the Danne website.

7. Comodone and Milia Removal

This is a 20 mins quick fix treatment to remove blocked pores, blackheads and whiteheads.

8. HD Brows

The Centre for Advanced Beauty is a registered HD Brows salon. This is the ultimate natural eyebrow treatment using a seven stage process where every single eyebrow hair is precision groomed to perfection.

Please refer to the HD Brows website to see the images of brilliant results.

9. Nouveau Contour

Permanent make-up by Nouveau Contour enhances your brows, eyes and lips for a lasting result which saves you time on your daily beauty routine. It can be very useful for people who for reasons of lifestyle, allergies or medical conditions cannot use traditional make-up.

Please see the Nouveau Contour gallery.

10. Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale is a mineral foundation which will make your life easier as it is a base, concealer, powder and sunscreen, all in one. It is also available as a Pure Pressed base which makes its application incredibly easy and quick. The Centre for Advance Beauty offers a complimentary colour matching service, i.e. your skin tone to the correct foundation.

11. Inverness

Inverness is a reliable, gentle, sterile and safe ear piercing system.

At The Centre for Advanced Beauty we only use 14 carat white or yellow gold earrings in the process to minimize the risk of allergies post treatment.

Please see the Inverness website for more information.

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